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Rapid Rx Serum

Rapid RX Serum is a hexapeptide-rich formula which employs cutting-edge technology and high yield actives that immediately improve the appearance of devitalized skin. A proprietary blend of dynamic cosmetic ingredients address fine lines, expression muscle contraction and sluggish skin which occur as a result of chronological aging. High molecular weight proteins with beneficial surface properties result in perceived immediate tightening and longer term sustained efficacy following four weeks of use.


For mature, dehydrated, mature/oily skin pH 6.8 – 7.4


  • Has a flash tightening effect.
  • Reduces moisture loss, smooths wrinkles and boosts elasticity.
  • Instantly and visibly smooths and tightens the skin with best results after 4 weeks of use.
  • Targets expression wrinkles in a similar fashion as Botox (without the needles) and allows skin surface to appear smoother and decreases line depth.

Rapid Rx Serum

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