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You can choose from a variety of Massage Therapy treatments for different conditions, medicupping massage, hot stone massage or just to relax.

Next choose your Duration: 30 minutes, 45 minutes, 60 minutes, or 75 minutes.

Note: When our Massage Therapy treatment is performed by one of our registered massage therapists you may be eligible for insurance coverage; we will gladly provide you with an official receipt.

Hot Stone Massage
Massage Therapy Treatments

RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS - massage can help increase blood circulation here to enhance the levels of immunity which can prevent flare-ups.

THEPOROMANDIBULAR DISORDERS (TMD) - to help restore the joint mechanics of the TMJ and help to restore the depressors of the mandible, especially the lateral pterygoid.

FIBROMYALGIA - massage to help release the stress and pain to promote relaxation.

PRENATAL - You can receive this treatment right up until the day of delivery.

Massage helps promote healing of soft tissue injuries and helps with pain management.  These are just a few items massage therapy can treat.

There are many forms of relation massage you can choose from including foot reflexology and acupressure to enhance body relaxation. 

HOT STONE MASSAGE - while using hot stones to warm the muscle it helps the client to relax and to release trigger points with ease.

MEDICUPPING MASSAGE - to reach deep into the soft tissue to pull out inflammation and toxins toward the skin and lymphatic system which can readily eliminate them.  Scar tissue can often release despite the chronic nature of injury.

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