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MILIA, Skin Tag, Sebaceous Hyperplasia & Ruby Point REMOVAL

The Vasculyse is a non-invasive device that uses electro coagulation to safely and instantly eliminate skin blemishes from almost anywhere on the face and body.


Such blemishes include

  • Hyperpigmentation (sun or age spots),

  • Spider veins (broken capillaries / fine red lines)

  • Ruby points 

  • Skin Tags, Milia & Cholesterol deposits 

  • Sebaceous Hyperplasia

Our Medical Estheticians can remove several blemishes within 1 to 3 treatments, safely and effectively.


Small healthy capillaries are responsible for cell nutrition. As they deteriorate, they affect the appearance and function of the skin. The Vasculyse uses a mild current to stimulate coagulation within the distended capillary. This process is called Capillary Coalysis. The body then absorbs and permanently eliminates the distended capillary from the body. New capillaries replace the damaged capillaries thus improving the appearance of the skin!

During the treatment our clinical staff uses a disposable sterile stylus over the treatment area gently caressing the skin and following the skin blemish. Most vascular blemishes disappear on contact and most conditions are treated successfully within 1 to 3 treatments!



What causes capillary dilation?



  • congenital weakness of blood vessel walls

  • affects mostly fair skinned individuals


External Skin Aggressions

  • sun exposure

  • sauna, excessive heat

  • injuries (contusions, abrasions, wounds)

  • aggressive comedon extraction (pinching)

  • retinol A (extended external use)

  • chemical peels (heat induced treatments)

  • aging (loss of tissue elasticity)

  • surgery (telangiectasia in scar tissue)


Hormonal Causes

  • high estrogen levels

  • menopause

  • pregnancy (increased blood volume)


Health Problems

  • high blood pressure

  • scleroderma, lupus, chronic hepatitis, Reynaud's

  • rosacea

  • alcoholism (alcohol dilates blood vessels and causes premature aging and loss of elasticity in tissues)



  • oral contraceptives (hormonal influence/estrogen)

  • vaso-dilators (usually prescribed for coronary health problems)



  • drastic and rapid changes in temperature (from cold outdoors to hot sauna)

  • extreme heat

  • harsh cold temperatures blush the cheeks and nose



  • hot and spicy foods

  • strenuous exercise


What to expect after the treatment?

Correct aftercare must be followed and will be explained. The body’s lymphatic and circulatory systems will eliminate any coagulated capillaries by phagocytosis. Blood flow will be redirected into neighboring capillaries. Any tiny scabs will heal within 3 to 21 days. There is never any scarring. The eliminated capillary is eventually replaced by a new, healthy capillary thus improving the skin’s health.


What can I do to prepare for my treatment?

Drink plenty of water before and after your treatment, avoid caffeine 1-2 hours prior to treatment, and keep your treated area’s skin moisturized (preferably with polysporin ointment post treatment). 

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