Satin Laser Spa provides medical esthetic treatments that are designed to rejuvenate and revitalize for a beautiful YOU!

Satin Laser Spa moves its Mission location to serve you better.

Nov 1, 2019


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Expose A Radiant, Healthy-Looking Complexion

Now that winter is here, flaky, dehydrated skin is a widespread condition many of us have to struggle with. Anyone can suffer from dehydration. Just as you update your wardrobe to fit the cold season, you must also adjust you...

Don’t forget the most important part of your pre-party plan. Schedule your Medispa visits with Satin Laser Spa in advance so you can arrive to your social events looking refreshed and vibrant. Here is your Satin Laser Spa MediSpa Holiday readiness Checklist:

Flawless skin takes work. While it’s true there are a few lucky people that don’t need to put effort into their perfect, clear skin, the majority of us do. As we age, this becomes even truer, because we try to fight off wrinkles and a host of other skin concerns that a...

Have you been considering laser hair removal, but need more information before making your reservation? This article is just for you!

How Does It Work?

The laser targets the melanin in the hair follicle and produces light and heat to remove it.

How Many Laser Treatments W...

Trees and grass are finally beginning to turn green again, beautiful flowers are blooming, and everyone is starting to spend more time outdoors enjoying the sunshine and rising temperatures.

Yes, Spring has finally arrived - and with it - a new season and warmer weather...