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Summer Has Finally Arrived!

And with that can come some dull dehydrated skin.

We have waited long for summer to arrive, and it certainly came in strong! I find myself drinking much more than my 8 glasses of water to stay calm, cool and collected.

Here are a few tips to help you through the heat:

  • Limit your caffeine. For each glass of caffeinated beverage you have you need 1 glass of water to break even, then your actual hydrating begins.

  • Wear a hat. If you want to stay looking younger longer, cover that beautiful face, neck and decolte specifically. The skin on those areas is different from the rest of your body, and we certainly don't want premature OR added lines, wrinkles or sagging skin.

  • Apply and reapply your SPF 50 Zinc based sunscreen. Make sure you chose oxybenzone free as this is a hormone disruptor.

  • Cover up. Wear your high cut tops, long dresses and sun shawls during the day, and save the lower, shorter cuts for the evening. Did you know that sun exposure, and not actual aging, is the number one cause of deep lines and wrinkles?

  • Exfoliate. Once a week for most is great. Only do this in the evening, keeping in mind that whatever you put on your skin right after will penetrate more deeply, so chose a serum to suit your needs, followed by your moisturizer.

  • Quality over Quantity. Yes you can buy a large tube or jar of serum or moisturizer at some drugstores, and often times this is the equivalent of eating fast food on your body. If you have to use alot of serum or cream either you are very dehydrated or the product is not good quality.

  • Hydrate inside and out. Make sure you are getting your 8-12 glasses of water per day. I like to add BCAA to my water bottle (500ml) once or twice a day for added hydration. And moisturize everywhere!

If you have any antiaging, skincare or beauty questions feel free to reach out and book a complimentary consultation with me at [email protected].

For a beautiful YOU!

Tammy Norman

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