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Safe Fun In The Amazing Sun! Great Sun Tips from the Skin Experts at Satin Laser Spa

Warm breezes and sunny skies...ahhh spring is in the air. After a long winter our bodies, minds and souls are craving the warmth that is upon us. Maybe you are jumping ahead and flying somewhere tropical for spring break? While we all love spending time outdoors in wonderful weather, we must always remember to protect our bodies as well as our skin during hotter months and travels. Here are some fantastic tips to get you through spring break and beyond:

Be sure to stay hydrated when enjoying activities outside in hotter weather. By the time you feel thirsty, your body is already dehydrated. Drinking 6 to 8 glasses of water each day (and more when you're especially active in warmer weather) will ensure that your body and brain will get the water they need to function properly, and your skin will look amazing.

Wear a hat and sunglasses. Since we know that sun exposure causes dreaded skin damage such as: deeper wrinkles, dry blotchy skin, broken capillaries (spider veins), unsightly age spots (brown spots) and even worse various forms of skin cancer, it's very important that you wear protective covering and limit your time outdoors during peak sun hours.

Use sunscreen daily. Using a dermatologist grade, high zinc oxide SPF 50 sunscreen every time you are outdoors will protect your skin, especially during times of prolonged exposure to the sun's harmful rays. It will help keep your skin looking healthier and younger much, much longer.

Want to be the youngest looking person in your posy? Then a good sunscreen is a must!

Another question we get asked a lot is “Should I wear my sunscreen when it is overcast?” We always advise a strong yes if you will be outside for an activity, ie a walk, a soccer game, etc. We have had clients that have gotten severe burns on their face and top of their head during an outdoor soccer game in very overcast conditions.

Always fully remove your sunscreen at night. To avoid clogging pores it is necessary to keep a good evening skincare routine of washing off debris and sunscreen from your face and body before sleeping. Put on your favourite calming or anti-aging serums and moisturizers and wake up looking refreshed and rejuvenated.

Vitamin C Serum Tips While vitamin C in your daily serum has amazing benefits for your skin, using it prior to sun exposure increases your sun sensitivity and therefore MUST be followed with a good sunscreen. But here’s the clincher: when used together with a good sunscreen it actually boosts the effects of your sunscreen. Alternatively using your vitamin C serum after sun exposure, ie during your evening skincare routine, has wonderful anti-inflammatory benefits, stimulates collagen production and helps reduce brown spots. It is a resounding Morning and Evening recommendation from us on this youth enhancing serum.

To Pretan or Not to Pretan? This one gets a resounding NO. Pre-tanning does not lessen your chances of getting a sunburn while on vacation, or anytime for that matter.  It definitely does increase your risk of melanoma. Instead just use a great sunscreen. Yes you will get a sun kiss while using a good sunscreen, just not a burn or worse.

Following the sun-care tips above are your best bet for looking and feeling  amazing on vacation and beyond!

Not sure which is the ideal sunscreen, skincare product or service to protect you and your family? Call the experts at Satin Laser Spa for a professional recommendation and complimentary skin analysis.

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