Calming RX Serum

Sensitive, hot and itchy skin is often caused by excessive inflammation which affects skin barrier function and eventually can lead to accelerated skin aging (inflamm-ageing). Calming RX Serum is a highly effective daily use serum that alleviates stressed, sensitive or irritable skin by boosting anti-inflammatory processes that support recovery of the skin barrier. An infusion of 15% Arnica Extract enhances the appearance of dry or damaged skin by reducing flaking and restoring suppleness.


For sensitive, irritated, rosacea, stressed and inflamed skin. (pH 4.7 – 5.2)


Product Features:

  • Alleviates stressed, sensitive and irritable skin.
  • Relieves dry, itchy, allergy-prone skin.
  • Stimulates the skin.
  • Anti-inflammatory.
  • Effective against dark circles.

Calming RX Serum

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